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2021-07-06 10:52:00
Banana imports to Poland in 2011-2020 on the rise
Bananas remain the undisputed leader in the ranking of fruits imported to Poland.   In the CN 08 category - EATABLE FRUIT AND NUTS; FRUIT OR MELON peel, in 2020, fresh bananas (CN
2021-07-02 11:26:00
The increase in the export value of champignons 2011-2020 - Poland
/ News
Champignons remain unquestionably at the top of Polish exports of vegetables (general category CN 07 - VEGETABLES AND CERTAIN edible roots and tubers). In 2020, these mushrooms (CN category 070951
2021-06-29 11:31:00
Potato imports to Poland - Germany the main supplier
 How will Poland's potato imports evolve between 2011 and 2020, according to the CSO?   CSO data show that over the last ten years Poland's imports of fresh potatoes (CN
2021-06-18 11:22:00
Poland's export of concentrated apple juice
The year 2020 was not good for the export of concentrated apple juice (Combined CN categories: 20097911 - Apple juice, unfermented and not containing alcohol, whether or not containing added
2021-04-30 11:32:00
Dynamic end of April for cabbage prices in Poland
The weather has strongly affected the trading of vegetables on the Polish wholesale market. This is especially true for white cabbage. Back in March there was some movement in the wholesale prices
2021-01-11 14:43:00
Imports of vegetables 2010-2020 to Poland
In 2019, the import of vegetables to Poland (aggregated category CN 07 - VEGETABLES AND CERTAIN ROOTS AND TUBERIES) amounted to 1281 thousand tonnes (1.3 billion tonnes) and 4395 million PLN (4.4