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Spanish oranges and Turkish grapefruits appeared on the Polish market. What are the prices for these fruits?

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It seems that the season for Spanish citrus fruit in Poland has started for good.

Importers have already listed in their offers the last species imported recently from South Africa - oranges. Today, these fruits come from Spain, and their prices in a small wholesale fluctuate between 9,77- 12,79 EUR per 10 kg cardboard box (0,98- 1,28 EUR/kg gross) depending on the quality and calibre. Oranges in 1 kg bags at a price from EUR 16,28 per 20 kg (0,81 EUR per kg gross) have also appeared on the market.

There was also a big change in the case of grapefruits. Fruits from Turkey, which are much cheaper than their counterparts from other countries, started to arrive in Poland. Today Turkish grapefruits cost 12,79 - 17,44  EUR for 15 kg cardboard (0,85 - 1,16 EUR/kg gross).

In the case of other species, the situation has also changed in recent weeks. Slightly earlier than oranges, Spanish mandarins appeared on the Polish market, which are already well established in trade in Poland. And what are the prices? Spanish mandarins cost from only 8,14 to 13,95 EUR per 10 kg of cardboard (0,81 - 1,40 EUR/kg gross) depending on the quality and caliber.

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