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The Armenian fresh fruit brand “AraratFruit” has been formed as a result of the development of the company “Spayka”.

AraratFruit is engaged in fresh fruit export from Armenia. The company carries out a complete business cycle which comprises all the levels of the chain from garden to sales, including:

·                            Fulfilling comprehensive measures designed for increasing fertility of orchards,

·                            Wholesale purchases from rural economies and organizing purveyance through the company’s own transportation means,

·                            Food sorting and packaging in accordance with international standards,

·                            Creating necessary infrastructure for the initial fruit refrigeration and storage,

·                            Organizing quick and safe transportation of fruit to CIS and EU countries,

In each level of production chain, we apply the most advanced technologies and ensure the implementation of the highest phytosanitary, sanitary and hygienic, quality management standards. As a result, foreign consumers are served organic, ecologically pure, fresh and sweet fruit grown in the biblical Ararat Valley.


In order to organize sorting of apricots and peaches, the company has purchased Italian third generation conveyor which allows to sort fruit under the parameters of weight, size and quality. Thereby, high, first and second sorts of fruit will be introduced in market, according to the standards of fresh fruit and vegetable processing approved by the Committee for Trade, Industry and Enterprise Development of the Economic Commission for Europe.

The compliance of products being exported by the Araratfruit with current standards is certified by:

1.                Phytosanitary certification of the State Inspectorate for Plant Quarantine and Farming of the RA Ministry of Agriculture,

2.                Research act of the Republic Veterinary Antiepizootic and Diagnostic Center of the RA Ministry of Agriculture,

3.                Safety certification (concerning foods of vegetable origin, content of pesticides, nitrates, nitrites) of the Food Safety and Veterinary State Inspectorate.


The only specialized modern refrigeration complex in the region established by the company “AraratFruit” will contribute to meeting the above mentioned requirements.




0007 252 Arshakunyants Ave.