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Difrutex Int. S.L.

Difrutex Internacional S.L. is producer and exporter of citric products (oranges – all varities, lemons and mandarins) and vegetables (broccoli, lettuce, potatoes, garlic, etc).  Our main specialty are “ORANGES AND LEMONS”.


Our central office is located in Seville (South-West Spain) and we have one trade office in Murcia (South-East Spain) as well.  We dispose about an own producing center, logistic and storage systems and our great quotation of products in order to satisfy the demand of our customers.


Due to this Difrutex Internacional S.L. has a privileged position and on account of this we can select our production in order to offer to our customers quality and a personal customer services.


We export all of our products mainly to UE countries for e.g. Germany, Austria, Swiss, Netherlands, East Countries and Italy.  We want to continue growing and expanding our quota to the Easterly Market. 
41927 Av. de Mairena,5, bajo 2
Mairena del Aljarafe