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More and more domestic sweet peppers on the market

2008-06-25 00:00

Supply of domestic sweet peppers slowly grows. On the market there are green sweet peppers at price 1.19 – 1.43 EUR/kg, white sweet peppers at price 1.49 – 1.55 EUR/kg and in the south of Poland ‘Igołomska’ sweet peppers are available at price about 1.49 EUR/kg.

As regards imported sweet peppers big volumes of peppers from Holland and Spain are available. Demand for imported sweet peppers is low and prices are low as well. On Tuesday, June 24th price of peppers imported from Holland packed in 5 kg boxes was about 0.86 EUR/kg.

More about situation on the market of sweet peppers and about forecasts of prices one can be informed during conference Fresh Market 2008.

Source: fresh-market.pl (ms)

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