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Moscow: an analysis of prices freshmarket.ru (05.04.10 - 11.04.2010)

2010-04-12 00:00
In the period under review at the capital's wholesale market prices for fruits and for vegetables were declining.  

The fall of the initial price of bananas from Ecuador to 27 rubles (0,69 EUR) per kg market participants associated with the arrival of large quantities of goods in Russia. Note that a few weeks ago the price of bananas has grown on average by 20% to 35-38 rubles (0,89-0,97 EUR) per kg.

According to statements by experts in the reporting period, the market continued to decline in the price of mango from Brazil. In connection with the increase in supply vendors revise prices downwards. The price of this product has decreased from 125 (3,19 EUR) to 100 rubles (2,55 EUR) per kg.

Last week market price in the segment of grapes from the Southern Hemisphere changed, due to mismatch of supply and demand. The price of white grapes from South Africa declined from 105 (2,68 EUR) to 92 rubles (2,35 EUR) per kg, black grapes - from 95 (2,42 EUR) to 85 rubles (2,17 EUR) per kg . The price of red grapes in the middle of the week showed growth in 90 (2,29 EUR) to 95 rubles (2,42 EUR) per kg, but later it has fallen to 93 rubles (2,38 EUR) per kg. The price of white grapes from Argentina declined from 85 (2,17 EUR) to 78 (1,99 EUR).

At the same time at the beginning of last week the price of avocados from Israel has significantly increased - from 68 (1,73 EUR) to 92 rubles (2,35 EUR) per kg. Experts explained the sudden reduction in the volume of supply in the Moscow market.

On the capital market fresh vegetables dropped the price level of domestic production of cucumbers at the beginning of the analyzed week. According to experts, the main causes of cheaper steel drop in demand and favorable weather conditions allowed harvest in a shorter time. On Monday, the price of a short cucumber decreased from 110 (2,80 EUR) to 105 Rubles (2.67 EUR) per kg for cucumber varieties TSHA- with 86 (2,19 EUR) to 84 rubles (2,39 EUR) for the kg. By the end of the week there was a rapid decline in prices as imported and domestic cucumbers. The average price for a short Russian cucumber decreased from 105 (2,67 EUR) to 85 rubles (2,17 EUR) per kg for cucumber varieties TSHA - with 84 (2,14 EUR) to 65 (1,65 EUR). Iranian cucumber smooth medium size decreased in price from 65 (1,65 EUR) to 53 rubles (1,35 EUR) per kg.

By the end of the week experts noted change of the price situation in the segment of tomato. Due to the increasing supply price of tomatoes from Turkey declined from 80 (2,03 EUR) to 75 rubles (1,91 EUR) per kg, cherry tomatoes on a branch - with 135 (3,43 EUR) to 125 rubles ($ 3, 18 EUR) per kg. At the same time due to increased demand the price of tomatoes on a branch in Israel rose from 90 (2,29 EUR) to 105 rubles (2,67 EUR) per kg.

In the period under review due to the sharp decline in commodity supply in the capital has grown considerably in the price of pepper from Israel. In general, the price of pepper has increased from 85 (2,17 EUR) to 110 rubles (2,80 EUR) per kg, yellow and orange peppers - from 115 (2,92 EUR) to 140 rubles (3,56 EUR) per kg. But the price of green peppers from the Netherlands in connection with an increase in the number of offerings on the market decreased from 145 (3,69 EUR) to 125 rubles (3.18 EUR) per kg.

Last week, significantly increased the price of leeks from the Netherlands and Belgium. Earlier, market participants noted the growth of prices for this product from 50 (1,27 EUR) to 65 rubles (1,65 EUR) per kg. At this time the price has reached an average of 85 rubles (2,16 EUR) per kg. Suppliers reported the number of the product on the market reduced, which is the main factor in increasing prices.

By the end of the week on the Moscow market has been increasing the prices of some items imported vegetables, due to temporary shortage of this commodity in the capital. Thus, the price of garlic from China increased from 55 (1,40 EUR) to 60 rubles (1,53 EUR) per kg, red onions from Holland – from 23 (0,59 EUR) to 29 (0,74 EUR) rubles per kg.

Source: freshmarket.ru (am)

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