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Weather unfavourable for sweet peppers

2008-09-01 00:00

From a few days price of domestic sweet peppers has been increasing. On Friday, August 29th prices of red sweet peppers packed in cardboard boxes of 5 kg reached the level of 0.89 EUR/kg and price of white and green sweet peppers was 0.66/kg.

Increase in prices is a result of low supply of sweet peppers on the market and staying high demand. Such situation is caused mainly by unfavourable weather. Cold nights cause delaying ripening of peppers. Sweet peppers for processing is also expensive, especially the industry also process field sweet peppers and their quality depends much on weather. Price of sweet peppers for processing is 0.66 EUR/kg, and price of cut sweet peppers is 0.75 EUR/kg. Weather forecasts for September (warm, rainless weather) give the hope for improvement in the situation.

More about situation on the market of sweet peppers and about forecasts of prices one can be informed during conference Fresh Market 2008.

Source: fresh-market.pl (ms)

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