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Weekly summary – fresh-market.pl price analyse (20-26.10.2008)

2008-10-27 00:00

The beginning of the third decade of October didn't bring significant changes in prices of fruit and vegetables. The purchase price of industrial apples slightly rose (in PLN).

In purchasing canters the maximum price was 0.028 euro/kg. It was obvious that in the current season there will be a lot of industrial apples, but this year's prices are record low. It is difficult to predict the development of situation. Certainly the prices won't be much higher because processing plants have much raw material stored up, and apple concentrate is cheap on world markets. However a slight fluctuation of the industrial apples prices is possible in favourable circumstances - a long period of weakening the Polish currency and as a result the increase in competitiveness of Polish export.

The prices of eating apples didn't change. The purchase prices of apples 70 + intended for export, without the package started from 0.114 euro/kg for varieties Lobo and Cortland. The most expensive variety is Gala and its price is 0.203-0.216 euro/kg.

Prices of the majority of vegetables also remain stable, especially root vegetables and brassica. After the slight reduction at the beginning of the week, prices of tomatoes again stabilized. The price of tomatoes of B size was 0.81 – 0.93 euro/kg and the price of BB tomatoes was 0.88 – 1.02 euro/kg.

Only prices of cauliflowers and broccoli had downward trend as a result of growing supply of these vegetables.

Source: fresh-market.pl (ms)

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