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Weekly summary – fresh-market.pl price analyse (4.08 – 10.08.2008)

2008-08-11 00:00

In the end of first week of August purchase prices of sour cherries increased a little bit. Price of sour cherries for juice concentrate reached the level of 0.18 EUR/kg and sour cherries for deep freezing 0.25 EUR/kg.

Purchase season of sour cherries is ending and purchase of apples became the most important. Last week prices of apples for processing did not change and purchasing centres were paying 0.03 - 0.05 EUR/kg but on Monday, August 11th an announcement about possible agreement on purchase prices between fruit growers and processing plants is expected. Last week next varieties of apples were appeared on the market. At the beginning of week price of dessert apples of Paula Red variety was 0.55 – 0.61 EUR/kg but quickly decreased to the level 0.31 EUR/kg. At the end of last week price of Delicates variety was 0.31 – 0.46 EUR/kg.

Big supply of plums causes that their prices are still dropping. Prices of the cheapest varieties was already from 0.12 EUR/kg. Price of Lepotica variety quickly decreased from 0.46 EUR/kg at the beginning of week to 0.25 EUR/kg in the end of last week. At the beginning of August purchase of plums for processing started and price of fruit delivered to the plant was 0.17 EUR/kg.
More and more domestic peaches are coming to the market. Last week price of domestic peaches was 0.52 – 0.58 EUR/kg depending on the size of fruits.

As regards vegetables last week passed rather calmly, without big price fluctuations. Tomatoes were exceptions and, locally, cauliflowers. As regards tomatoes, their prices continued downward trend. Prices of tomatoes of B and BB sizes decreased by about in comparison with price of August 4th. In the end of last week average price of tomatoes of B size was 0.33 EUR/kg and price of tomatoes of BB size was 0.38 EUR/kg.

As regards cauliflowers, their average price dropped, but decrease (from 0.44 to 0.40 EUR/piece) was smaller than in the end of July. The greatest declines in prices of cauliflowers were in the south of Poland, where their crop was the greatest. Prices of cauliflowers in that region dropped to the level of 0.25 EUR/piece.

At the beginning of last week prices of Iceberg lettuce stayed at high level, but in the second half of the week price started decreasing and one could buy at price 0.40 EUR/piece. Prices of beetroots, carrots, field cucumbers either stayed stable or they only slightly decreased. Average price of beetroots was 0.18 EUR/kg. Average price of carrots in the end of week was 0.21 EUR/kg, by only 0.01 EUR lower than at the beginning of week. Field cucumbers (size 6-9 cm) became cheaper by about 0.03 EUR/kg. Their price stopped at the level of 0.46 – 0.49 EUR/kg.
In the first week of August onions became more expensive as a result of bigger demand but price increase was not very big. At the begging of week average price of onions was 0.22 EUR/kg and in the end 0.24 EUR/kg.

Source: fresh-market.pl (ms)

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