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Weekly summary – fresh-market.pl price analysis (02-08.11.2009)

2009-11-08 00:00

At the beginning of November the harvest of apple ends, the supply of industrial apples is usually higher and their prices falls. And last week the price of industrial apples decreased.

However the level of this year’s prices of industrial apples is very low so last week decrease was very slight – only 0.01 – 0.02 PLN /kg. It is obvious that the processing plants use any increase in the supply to purchase at lower prices and at the same time they declare that they have already enough raw material. Last week prices of industrial apples were 0.15 – 0.18 PLN (0.035-0.042 euro)/kg for apples delivered to the plants (0.20 PLN (0.047 euro)/ kg in dolnośląskie province) and 0.14 – 0.16 PLN (0.033- 0.038 euro)/kg for apples delivered to purchasing centers.

As regards of dessert apples their purchase prices did not change and were 0.40 – 0.60 PLN (0.094-0.14 euro)/kg for apples size 70 + without packaging. Golden Delicious appeared on the market and price of these apples (about 0.80 PLN (0.19 euro)/kg) is much lower than last year.
Pears prices also remained stable - about 1.00 PLN (0.23 euro)/kg for pears size 60 +, without packaging. Last week one could observe further increase in prices of domestic cucumbers and tomatoes. They harvest is ending, the supply is falling and costs of fuel are rising. The price of domestic greenhouse cucumbers reached 6.00 PLN (1.41 euro)/kg while the price of cucumbers imported from Spain was about 3.60 PLN (0.85 euro)/kg (long cucumbers) and 4.00 PLN (0.94 euro)/kg (short cucumbers).

Last week the average price of tomatoes also increased. Price of tomatoes B increased week-on-week from 2.25 PLN (0.53 euro)/kg to 2.40 PLN (0.57 euro)/kg and tomatoes BB from 2.58 PLN (0.61 euro)/kg to 2.92 PLN (0.69 euro)/kg. The average price includes both the price of good quality tomatoes and the price of tomatoes of lower quality. The supply of the last ones is much bigger at the moment.

Temperature below 0 °C delayed the harvest of white and Chinese cabbages. The temperature about -5 ° C did not cause very large losses, but the quality of cabbages will be probably worse and their storage will be more difficult. Price of white cabbage still has an upward trend. Last week the most often price was 0.50 PLN (0.12 euro)/kg, but prices reached even 0.60 PLN (0.14 euro)/kg. Prices of Chinese cabbage are stable at the low level due to low demand. The purchase price is from 0.45 PLN (0.11 euro)/kg to 0.70 PLN (0.16 euro)kg. The price of cabbage intended for export to the eastern countries is 1.00 PLN (0.23 euro)/kg.

The supply of domestic cauliflowers and broccoli is clearly lower. Last week the average price of cauliflower was 1.85 PLN (0.44 euro)/pcs (including packaging) the price of broccoli - 1.65 PLN (0.39 euro)/pcs (including packaging).

As usual, in autumn root vegetables have the most stable prices.

Source: fresh-market.pl (ms)


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