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Further seasonal decrease in Ukrainian fresh produce price index

2014-06-17 11:30

«The situation in the Ukrainian fresh produce market was mixed last week as worse weather provoked an increase in prices in some cases», says Ms. Tetiana Getman, Head of Fruit-Inform. «An overall decrease in the price index was registered thanks to only two categories: early cabbage and greenhouse cucumbers, which prices kept on gradually decreasing. At the same time, berries and greenhouse tomatoes became more expensive».

Cold and rainy weather led to a slight increase in tomato prices. Weather conditions also resulted in an increase in prices of strawberries and sweet cherries as the supply of high-quality fruits went down.

Meanwhile, early cabbage prices halved last week and reached the last year's levels and even lower in some regions. At the same time, despite a fall in cucumber prices and problems with exports to Russia, cucumbers were still twice as expensive as last year

In the following week, the Ukrainian market participants expect a significant increase in the supply of early potatoes, which prices are already often lower than ones for the 2013 potato crop.

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