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Pears Conference - imported and domestic on the Polish market.

2018-11-29 16:55

The situation on the pears market, both domestic and imported, has not changed for some time. Trade in imported pears is dominated by the Conference from Western Europe, which came to us already in the first decade of October this year and will stay with us until spring. As far as prices are concerned, it is also quite stable. Fruit prices have remained relatively stable since the beginning of this year's season and in a small wholesale stopped at the level of 10,50 - 12,10 EUR per 12 kg carton (0,88 - 1,00 EUR/kg gross). What is more, at some importers you can find the Western European Conference even cheaper, from 9,80 EUR for 12 kg of cardboard, i.e. 0,82 EUR/kg (gross).

Today, the Polish Conference pear is offered at a price from 9,30 EUR to even 16,28 EUR per box 20 kg (0,47 - 0,81 EUR/kg), depending on the quality and caliber.

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