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Will the price of white cabbage continue to rise in Poland?

2018-12-03 15:55

Last week, producers of late varieties of cabbage rushed to the fields in order to keep up with the harvest before the frosts. Information from the country shows that in most cases white cabbage has been harvested, although for the time being the temperature drops have not been very large (except perhaps in the south-eastern parts of Poland, but cabbage is not cultivated in the mountains).

On the wholesale market of white cabbage we have quite a calm situation with stable prices. Demand is slightly lower than a dozen or so days ago, but it did not lead to price correction. In a large wholesale market it is now 0,23 - 0,30 EUR/kg for cabbage for consumption, depending on the region of the country, quality and volume of a lot.

As we can see  prices remain at a record high level. Even if a correction were to be made now, it would be rather small and also short-lived. It seems that shortages in supply plus the fact that some producers are holding back sales in anticipation of even higher prices, will sooner or later restart the upward trend. Demand, of course, reacts negatively to high prices, but still remains at a good level. The question is when prices will start to rise again. The 2010/2011 season seems to be a good point of reference. Then the period of price stabilization ended with the beginning of December and the trend accelerated around mid-January.

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