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Fruit Logistica 2013

2013-01-04 10:15

Fair attracts thousands professionals of fresh fruit and vegetable market. In 2012 over 2,500 exhibitors from 83 countries took part in the event. The number of visitors came to 56,000 people. It was an incredible amount. We can expect that this year’s edition will be even much more successful.

Fruit Logistica gives a unique opportunity to establish business contacts as well as find out the newest trends in fresh produce sector. It also gives a chance to meet hundreds suppliers offering highest quality products as well as clients looking for prospective contractors.

Fruit Logistica is not only an exhibition. During the event many seminars and workshops take place. They are best way to get valuable information concerning current and future situation on the market as well as innovations that are being introduced. Participants will have an opportunity to familiarize with issues relating to the activity on the fresh produce market: cultivating, transport, storage, distribution and logistics.

This year the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award will again be awarded. This is a prize for best innovation introduced in products and services. The panel of judges nominated ten innovations. These ten products will compete for the prize.

Fruit Logistica will start on February 6 and finish on February 8. Fresh-market.pl will also be there. You can expect an extensive report after the event as well as newest information each day. Thanks to us you will feel as if you are there.

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